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Essense of Australia

September 7th to 9th

$1500 to $2400


Essense of Australia - 2024 Preview of Never before seen dresses!

September 29th to 1st

$1400 to $2500


Essense of Australia EBEB Sizes 16 to 30

October 13th to 15th

$1500 to $2400


Sample Sale

October 28th - One Day walk in Sale - No appointment needed

Samples starting at $500


Stella York EBEB Sizes 16 to 30

November 10th to 12th

$1200 to $1800

What is a Trunk Show?
A trunk show is an opportunity for a bridal shop to showcase the newest selection of dresses from a specific designer. These shows are usually scheduled for specific weekends throughout the year.
How long does a Trunk Show last?
A trunk show typically lasts 2-3 days- Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This makes the shopping experience so much more unique as you can find a gown that we don’t always carry in store!

What are the benefits of a Trunk Show?
Trunk shows are a great opportunity to see a variety of dresses that aren’t always in store. This is also the only time we offer a discount on dresses!


​ 1. Go in with an open mind. The possibility of dresses is endless!
2. ​Do some research. Make sure you have an idea of what kind of style and/or silhouette you're on the hunt for!
3. Always book an appointment. Trunk shows are extremely popular, so you'll want to make sure your appointment is booked to take advantage of the show.
4. Come prepared to say "Yes!" to the dress! Trunk shows are a rare time when you can receive a discount, so get ready to find your dream gown!

Be sure to make an appointment early since we always have a wait list for this event.   
Call us at 925-846-8459 or Text us at 925-365-6862
with any questions.  

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