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Ready to find your gown at an

amazing price?!

New 2021 dresses will be shipping soon, so it's time to part ways with our 2019/2020 collection.

Congratulations on your engagement!

2020 has been... well you know...

Are you planning 2 weddings?  

*Get a 2nd dress!

Want to elope?

*Pick out an amazing dress at an amazing price and take it home same day!

Want to see a preview of the dresses?

*Check out our Instagram Highlight "Sale Dresses"


Looking for accessories?

*They are on sale too! Veils, hairpieces, belts/sashes

Need bridesmaids dresses?

* Check out our $20 rack!



Be sure to make an appointment early since we always have a wait list for this event.   

Call us at 925-846-8459 or Text us at 925-365-6862

if you would like a private evening appointment.